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Last updated 03/10/2018

Our programme

We meet every Wednesday from 10am to 1pm - please see our current programme (below) for dates and locations. Please also note the following:

  • We welcome new members, but currently our numbers are high, and we need to consider health and safety and make sure we bring enough tools etc. So If you are new to the group, please call Alison Hounslow on 07528 376399 before attending to get more information, or e-mail

  • Check online just before the session in case of last minute changes.

  • Wear old clothing suitable for the task and the weather, including thorn proof gloves, and sturdy shoes or boots, not trainers or sandals!

  • We usually have a tea break - please bring a mug!

  • Make sure that your tetanus inoculation is up to date.

  • Bring any medication that you may need.

  • Let us know if you are willing to car share.

  • Most sites are near public transport. For details of Southern Vectis services, go to

  • Sites with toilets are marked WC.


10am - 1pm

Session No.

Location - getting there and parking

Details of task - on a cycle path

OS Grid ref.

10 October 2018 755 Community Orchard/Wetland Walk, Longwood Bridge, Longwood Lane, between Adgestone and Lake.

Link to Streetmap.

It is time to remove the season's growth from the Orchard meadow. Bus 2, 3 or 8. SZ458,850
17 October  756 The Riverside, Newport Quay, Quay Street, Newport.

Link to Streetmap.

In Newport this week - don't forget if you are coming by car, access is via Fairlee Road not Sea Street! Oh and just maybe there'll be food again! We're working on the gardens around the Riverside this week. SZ502,894
24 October 757 St Mary's RC Primary School, Ampthill Road (off East Hill Road), Ryde. Park in the school car park.

Link to Streetmap.

We've not been here since 2016 would you believe, but this will be our sixth time helping in this school's environmental area. So important that children have access to the natural world! This week will be funded by Southern Water through Footprint Trust as part of their Pond Action project. WC. Buses 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 37. SZ602,922
31 October 758 Play Lane Millennium Green, Play Lane, Playstreet Lane, Haylands, Ryde. PLEASE PARK IN HILLRISE AVENUE and walk through Binstead Woods, or WELLINGTON ROAD and walk down Play Lane to the Green.

Link to Streetmap for worksite.

Our last session on the Green for this year will find us cutting and raking off the butterfly area. Plus other jobs I dare say. Bus 37. SZ578,913
7 November 759 Pan Mill Meadows, Connie's Way, Newport, between Shide Path and Matalan. Parking in Matalan car park - please give them your registration number.

Link to Streetmap for worksite.

We rake off this meadow each year, to reduce the nutrients seeping back into the soil. It's a nice site, a green space in a busy area of town. All Newport buses. SZ502,887
14 November 760

Carisbrooke Old Mill Pond, behind the Southern Water pumping station, Carisbrooke High Street.

Limited number of parking spaces in the far end of the Eight Bells pub car park.

Link to Streetmap.

For long standing members, here's one to cast your minds back! It was 2009, yes eight years ago! This will be our fourth session here though, and we'll be working around the pond today. Buses 7, 12, 38. SZ487,882
21 November 761 One Horse Field, Totland Meadows, Hurst Point View, Fort Warden, Totland.

Link to Streetmap for parking area.

A return to Totland this week for some work here in the meadow. We know that likely means raking, but it's a stunning place, and that sea view! Buses 7 or 12. SZ324,873